It's That Time To Talk Timings

When it comes to hiring Goosebumps swing band to perform at your wedding, party or corporate event, there are a few timing considerations to think about beforehand.

The first and probably most important one is the best time for the band to arrive at the venue. You need to allow enough time for the band to unload all of their equipment, carry it to the performance area, set it all up and sound check before the first set. Typically it take us around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get all of this done but extra time will need to be given should the performance area be on another floor in the building - meaning multiple trips up and down in the lifts with the drum kit, amplifiers, monitors, speakers, guitar, large double bass, saxophones, stage lights and other cases full of cables and microphones e.t.c. If you are holding your party in several rooms then a good time for the band to get to the performance area is when the guests are perhaps enjoying a drinks reception in another room. If your wedding is taking place all in the one room then there always tends to be a time after the wedding breakfast where guests like to get up, go to the bar and stretch their legs whilst staff are clearing away the tables and making space for the dance floor and this is the ideal time for the band to come in and set up the gear and it's the option the majority of clients choose. 

The next decision is when you would like us to start our first set, how many sets you would like the band to play along with the duration of each set. The length of our sets can be adjusted to suit your party or wedding - typically we like to offer 2 x 45 or 2 x 60 minute sets but this can also be 3 x 30 or 3 x 40 minute sets if preferred. For no extra cost we can offer you the option of playing some pre-recorded music through our PA system in-between our sets, to ensure that the party atmosphere continues during our breaks. Should you also be hiring a DJ then we are more than happy to work with them making sure that our sets transition nicely into theirs.

Once a booking has been confirmed with Goosebumps, we like to send out a contract to you showing all of the main details about what we will provide on the day. We like to ask you for a rough first set start time as this gives us a basis to work out when to arrive at the venue to ensure that we can be set up in time. 

Goosebumps swing band timings

Even though these timings appear on the contract we always like to remind our clients that we understand that plans can change as their big day gets close and of course this doesn't matter at all because we always say that when you hire Goosebumps for your wedding or party, you have us for the whole evening so if the speeches over-run (and they almost always do!) then we'll be more than happy to start playing a little later than planned.

The last detail is normally something that you need to agree with the venue beforehand - almost all wedding venues will stipulate a time for the evening to draw to a close and this is generally somewhere between 11.00pm and midnight. Having a set finish time allows for taxis to collect the guests, staff to clear up and stack away the tables and of course it also means that Goosebumps can pack down too!


When you book Goosebumps, we are here to help so if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the timings discussed above, just get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through some options and suggestions - after all, we want to make sure that your evening runs smoothly resulting in a very enjoyable and memorable evening for you and your guests!