The gallery above shows a selection of photos of Goosebumps in action both off and on-stage. No matter where the pictures were taken, it demonstrates just how much we enjoy ourselves as a band and this translates into the fun performances that we play.

From the giant double bass ('the big violin!!') and the authentic tones of the saxophone to the twanging sound of the vintage guitar, these photos will show that we have the perfect instrumentation for our five-piece swing band line-up. 

Naturally, we care greatly about our presentation while we are playing and as shown in our photos, we will wear smart suits complete with vintage-detailing for that added retro touch to compliment the style of music that we play. The guys in the band are all big fans of the classic two-tone black and white leather brogues that typify the 1920's Al Capone gangster look, which is especially perfect for when we play songs like Zoot Suit Riot and Saturday Night Fish Fry - of which were specifically written all about the Prohibition era.

Notice how you don't see any music stands in any of these photos? We know how to perform all of the songs in our set from memory and not by permanently needing to stare vacantly at the sheet music or a chord chart from a music stand. This ensures that we have the very best on-stage chemisty and interaction with the audience.
All photographs above courtesy of Shooting Suzie (with the exception of shots from Norway)