Good news! You have just found Goosebumps - one of the most entertaining and lively swing bands available for hire.

For ten years Goosebumps swing band have been swinging ourselves silly within the entertainment industry. We regularly perform at weddings, parties and corporate events and are available to hire for your special event.

Our show consists of a unique blend of retro swing, vintage jump blues, cool jazz, classic rock n roll with a dash of optional soul and funk thrown in for good measure.

With over 100 performances every year, the band has previously been hired to perform at "An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger", on Mahé Island in The Seychelles, at Kelly Brook's birthday party in London, at The Royal Albert Hall and for RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.
"Thank you so much for the amazing performance that you put on at our wedding. The evening was truly brilliant! The music and the energy that you put into getting the party started was fantastic. We have received so many wonderful comments about you - I would thoroughly recommend Goosebumps as a band. At every stage of the planning and prep you were accommodating and helpful with all of my many enquires! Thank you so very very much, all our best wishes,"
Eleni and Paul Masters

Highly Experienced

5 Piece professional party band that perform at hundreds of weddings, parties and corporate events each year


You won't need to hire any equipment for us at your event - we are a fully self-contained band, with our own PA and stage lighting all included


A very lively, entertaining and engaging show. Check out testimonials from previous clients

Pre-Recorded Music

Optional pre-recorded music between sets providing seamless entertainment throughout the entire evening, at no additional cost

Various Options

Various set options to suit your event, such as 2 x 60 minute or 3 x 40 minute sets

Easy and simple booking

One simple and competitive booking fee with no hidden extras, plus quick responses and helpful communication before and after you confirm your booking

Have Party? Will Travel

We are based in Kent but we are more than happy to travel further to perform at your event and so if you want to hire us but are worried that we might not want to go too far, fear not - we are happy to travel to London or anywhere else in the UK....even internationally.

When hiring Goosebumps, you will be receiving a very professional band consisting of seasoned musicians who celebrate the music from the vintage swing era.

Our many years of performing live together has culminated in a band that perform tight and highly-polished sets and as a result will always ensure that everyone in the room will be up and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Notable Previous Performances

"An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger" in Leeds
Kelly Brook's Birthday Party in London
Sir Bobby Charlton's charity event in London
Private party in The Seychelles
SPE BBQ, Stavanger Norway
Swing band available for hire - Goosebumps
Performances A Year
Talented Band Members
Songs In The Setlist
Years Of Performing Together

Do you want to know the secret to choosing the most entertaining and professional swing band for your event?

The truth is, picking a band online can be really daunting - how can you be sure that you have hired the perfect band for your wedding or party if you haven't had a chance to see their true live performance? A simple test is to see if they have a genuine live performance video. Many showreels will film a band performing to one of their prerecorded tracks that they already made in the studio and the bottom line is that it won't reflect their true on-stage performance or sound.

Want to know the best part?

We have exclusive and professionally-filmed videos on YouTube of our live performances, with no overdubs, or studio trickery. This shows you exactly what our lively on-stage performance looks and sounds like when we play at your wedding or party. Find our swing band YouTube showreel video on our Video and Audio page:

Don't just take our word for it!
Hear What Our Previous Clients Say

Don’t Turn The Volume Up To 11

There is always the fear that by inviting a live band to play for you, particularly one that includes a drummer, that they are going to be far too loud to be enjoyable. It’s an understandable concern, especially when you know that they are going to be bringing in all sorts of amplifiers and speaker equipment to the performance area, wiring it all up and then being ultimately responsible for setting their own volume level during their performance. It sounds like a receipe for disaster and evokes a scary image of you and your guests being blasted to the back of the room by an invisible wave of volume when they start their first song.

Noise Limiter At The Venue

Almost all of the venues that we perform at have a noise limiter fitted somewhere in the room. They are traditionally the evil nemesis for a band; instantly cutting off the power supply to the stage as soon as the volume level goes over a certain limit, thereby plunging the band mid-song into an embarrassingly awkward silence (and normally darkness too if the stage lights are coming off of the same mains supply).

Comfortable Volume Level


Goosebumps To The Rescue!

Fortunately, we are not a particularly loud band - in fact, a frequent compliment that we receive is just how our volume level and overall sound mix is perfectly set all night. Most of the time we can comfortably forget that there is even a limiter in the room because we remain under the threshold anyway but even if we find that we are close to the brink with a particularly strict limiter, our skill and experience at playing a little quieter ensures that we won’t be suddenly cut-off at your wedding or party. With Goosebumps, we’ll always make sure to keep the music going all night, without any unnecessary interruptions!

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One of the interesting aspects of performing in a professional band is the variety of different gigs that we encounter. Every wedding, party or corporate event presents


It’s always nice when we get re-hired by a previous client, it not only means that they had enjoyed our previous show but it also demonstrates their confidence that we can provide another dose of


What Next?

If you like what you have seen and heard so far, why not contact us using the email form below to find our availability for your event. All we need to know is the date, the location and type of event that you would like to hire us for and we will send you a swift and helpful reply along with a no-obligation quote.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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